OTC Medicine

OTC Medicine

Health matters at ND Wholesale; so does convenience. That's why we provide a variety of over-the-counter medicines here, all accessed in a snap. Our OTC products will come handy for convenience store owners, pharmacists and any retailer who wishes to stock up on them.

Why Choose ND Wholesale?

Quality Assurance: We stock our OTC medicines from renowned manufacturers such as Advil, Goody's, BC, Tylenol, and Excedrin, among others. Every customer can be confident that they are purchasing high-quality products that conform to the required safety measures.

Blister Packs for Easy Dispensing: We certainly understand that time is of the essence. Still, under OTC medicines, we have arranged them in neatly packed blister packs appropriate for display.  

Bulk Buy Savings: It's never been easier to take advantage of bulk purchase savings. There is nothing like buying packs of your favorite OTC brands and getting them at a lower price than you expected. What's more, your customers will thank you for it!

Cardboard Display Boxes: Our medicines are boxed in well-constructed economy display cartons. Not only do they give protection to the products, but they also make it easier to organize the items on the shelf.

Variety Galore: As for medicines, people can find everything starting from painkillers and ending with allergy drugs. Need over-the-counter antibiotics? We've got you covered. Peruse our huge selection and you will come across the right solution for your retailer enterprise.

Be your customers' one-stop shop for feeling better fast! Shop ND Wholesale's OTC medicines in bulk today!

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