Air Freshener

Air Freshener

Want to see the everyday environments turn into pleasant environments? Look no further! For us at ND Wholesale, scents that change lives are always on the menu. Let’s dive into the aromatic world of our air fresheners: Let’s dive into the aromatic world of our air fresheners:

Brand Variety, Wholesale Prices:

We provide a wide range of brand-name air fresheners that our shelves can barely contain. We have scents for every personality, from the spunky, zesty Bluntlife to the pummeling, intense Bluntpower. 

And guess what? We offer our customers our products at wholesale prices, making them do the happy dance all the way to the bank!

Are you feeling a little whimsical? Try the Blunteffect; it’s like a fragrance carnival for your senses.

Where Do These Scents Shine? Everywhere!

Convenience Stores: Here’s the scene: a tired man comes in, and the aroma of Bluntlife Lemonade greets him. Instant mood lift! Now, your store has just become their favorite stop, and you know that is true.

Car Washes: Sudsy cars and fresh scents go hand in hand. Our air fresheners turn mundane car interiors into aromatic escapes.

Smoke Shops: Because even the smokiest corners deserve a breath of fresh air. Bluntpower’s got your back.

Auto Shops: Mechanics working hard? A dash of Blunteffect Pineapple Express keeps their spirits high.

Why ND Wholesale?

Profit Magic: Our wholesale deals are like secret treasure maps. Follow them, and you’ll find profit gold. Ka-ching!

Quality Assurance: We’re sticklers for quality. Our air fresheners are the real deal—no watered-down scents here.

Store-Only Exclusivity: These fragrances are for your store’s VIPs (Very Inhaling People). Sorry, homes—these are retail-only delights.

Your Aromatic Adventure Starts Now!

Contact us faster than a spritz of Blunteffect Midnight Jasmine. Your customers will thank you, and your store will smell like a dream.

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